MEGD – together we empower each other

MEGD (Faroese Disablity Organizations), is the national disability umbrella organisation of the Faroe Islands, with 24 member organisations with a total of about 4000 citizen members.

MEGD is governed by a five-member steering committee. The committee holds monthly meetings, along with special meetings when necessary.


Through political influence and policymaking, MEGD seeks to constantly improve conditions for people with disabilities in the Faroe Islands by supporting individuals and their associated organisations.


Based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, MEGD aims to secure equal rights for people with disabilities as part of an inclusive society.

United Nations convention

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is an international human rights treaty of the United Nations. It was signed on 30 March 2007 and adopted by the Faroese Parliament on 13 May 2009.

On 23 August 2009, 30 days after the Danish government had informed the UN of the Faroese parliamentary approval, the convention came into force in the Faroe Islands.

This convention is the first international treaty which exclusively applies to people with disabilities.

In addition to affirming existing civic and civil rights, the convention includes provisions on financial, cultural and social rights, along with special rights for people with disabilities such as equal accessibility rights and equality rights in general.

The convention prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of disability.