Name and logo

MEGD translates into ‘empowerment’ in English.

The logo consists of ‘MEGD’ engraved into a tree trunk. MEGD is the trunk from which new branches and leaves sprout. The green colour symbolises calmness, propagation, growth, energy and security.

The trunk also symbolises that life is a challenge, with new branches emerging as we mature. Life’s challenges sometimes lead us onto new paths, some of which may appear unfavourable at first but often turn out to be blessings in disguise.

While it is not immediately clear that this circle depicts a tree trunk, people will most likely wonder about the shape. This may lead to curiosity, which can present an opportunity to elaborate and spark a debate.

The circular shape can also signify protection and community.

From this visual representation, our slogan emerged: MEGD – together we empower each other.